Age of Defenders – Multiplayer Tower Defense and Offense Post Apocalyptic

Age of Defenders - Multiplayer Tower Defense and Offense Post ApocalypticCalling all mobile gamers who love to play tower defense and offense games! Here’s a new FREE game of this kind which has been featured by Apple as one of the best new games and has been featured also by as among the new and noteworthy games. What we are talking about is the Age of Defenders – Multiplayer Tower Defense and Offense game.

It can be played in single-player and multiplayer campaigns. It has a highly detailed 2D graphics, hand-drawn cutscenes, and attractive post-apocalyptic setting. The gameplay is a mixture of tower defense and real-time strategy. In this game, you need to protect your base, build an army, and challenge your friends and/or other players worldwide. Yes, the multiplayer option gives you the chance of challenging players from different parts of the world! But if you are not fond of playing in multiplayer, you can go for the single-player campaign and play as the main hero. Joseph is the main hero character’s name. The single-player mode is story-driven. Playing as Joseph, you’ll get to know the world controlled by Rydan Corporation and how the world of the future depends on the mining of Rydan. This Rydan is said to be a precious resource used by mankind for teleportation. Interesting storyline, right? Download this now and experience how it is to be Joseph, or challenge other gamers from other countries.

Note: This game app is currently available on iTunes only.

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