Amazon Giveaway Host FAQs

Amazon Giveaway Host FAQs

Host Questions

1. What is Amazon Giveaway?
A service that allows anyone to achieve their marketing goals using promotional giveaways (e.g., sweepstakes) that are easy to set up and run. Watch this short video. Amazon Giveaway supports securing your prizes, enforcing entry requirements like follow or watch a brief video, hosting your giveaway, determining winners instantly or by random drawing, getting prizes to winners, and handling certain income tax reporting responsibilities. As a host, you decide what you want to give away and why, and then use Amazon Giveaway to create awareness and engagement with your audience. Participants can enter your giveaway with confidence knowing that it will be run as described, prizes are real and will be delivered by Amazon, and their information will be protected. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

2. What types of giveaways can I run and how should I choose between them?
Amazon Giveaway supports four models to select winners. Prizes can be awarded at random based on odds set by the host (1/N), at an interval set by the host (every Nth), to the first number of participants set by the host (first N), or selected randomly after the giveaway entry period has ended.

3. What does it cost to run a giveaway?
There is no additional fee to run a giveaway. As a host, you purchase prizes at the price on the site and pay for sales tax and any shipping to the winner(s). Since winners and their locations are not known when you set up a giveaway, you are charged an estimated amount to cover sales tax and (for physical prizes) shipping and are refunded any excess when your giveaway ends. If physical prizes are unclaimed when your giveaway ends, those will be returned and included in your refund. If you have digital prizes unclaimed when your giveaway ends, you can create a new giveaway with those prizes or download them to distribute however you choose. You will receive a confirmation email after your giveaway ends that includes this information.

4. How do I set up a giveaway?
Start by selecting the eligible item you want as a prize from the tens of millions of eligible items on On eligible product detail pages, locate the ‘Set up an Amazon Giveaway’ section near the bottom of the page. Then complete the two-step wizard to enter the details of your giveaway and checkout. Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email with the unique URL(s) to your giveaway. You then can share your link with your audience.

5. What do I need to run a giveaway?
You will need an account that is in good standing and have a valid credit card that can cover the entire estimated cost of running the giveaway. In addition, you will need to provide any written content or images that participants will see when entering your giveaway.

6. What items can I use for a giveaway prize?
There are tens of millions of eligible physical items shipped from and sold by or Fulfilled by Amazon. Kindle eBooks are also eligible. If you see a ‘Set up an Amazon Giveaway’ section near the bottom of the product detail page, the item is eligible. Items currently not eligible for giveaways include digital items such as songs, movies, or apps; Gift Cards; items sold and shipped by Marketplace sellers; certain items that require special handling; items in the Add-on program; used items; and items that are Prime exclusive. There are also price and total value restrictions explained in FAQ 7.

7. How many prizes can I have in my giveaway?
Each giveaway is for a single prize type up to a maximum quantity. There are two things that determine the maximum number of prizes in your giveaway. First, you can select up to the quantity available for purchase on, with a maximum of 30 physical prizes or 50 digital prizes. Price is the second factor in determining number of prizes. The total value (retail price) of all prizes, excluding tax and shipping, cannot exceed $5,000. There is no limit on the number of individual giveaways you can setup.

8. Who can participate in my giveaway?
Giveaways are only open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. or D.C., 18 or older. If the value of all prizes exceeds $500 then residents of Rhode Island cannot participate. If you or a participant shares the link on Twitter or any other public forum, anyone can discover your giveaway and participate. You can require participants to follow your Twitter account, follow an Author on Amazon, watch a brief video on either Amazon or YouTube, or take some other action to enter.

9. Can I include links to websites in my giveaway messages?
Yes, you can include links in the welcome, win, and lose messages. Links to any Amazon-related website are clickable by participants, opening in a new tab. This includes,,,,,,, along with,, (and, and It also includes short links to for, which you can create using Bitly. Links to other websites will not be clickable.

10. How should I advertise or promote my giveaway?
You can advertise your giveaway how and where you see fit, which may include: in social media or email, on a blog or website, as a QR code on a poster, or in a text message. Regardless of how you advertise, note that being clear with consumers about their “chance” to win is important when advertising a sweepstakes, so say something like “Enter for a chance to win” and avoid “Enter to win”. Also, be advised that many states require that any advertising of a sweepstakes be accompanied by an abbreviated version of the official rules and provide a link to or copy of the official rules. An example of this is including the following in any advertising of your giveaway: “NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of 2/10/15 11:59PM, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules.” The official rules for Amazon Giveaway can be found at or a shortened link at

11. Are there any significant tax rules I should be aware of?
If you select higher value prizes, winners may be required to verify their Tax ID (Social Security Number) before receiving their prize. This allows Amazon to fulfill necessary tax reporting obligations, and serves as an additional form of verification. If a winner does not supply valid tax information, the prize is not awarded to that person and is either returned to the prize pool or returned and refunded if the giveaway has ended.

12. How are shipping costs determined for physical prizes and do FREE Shipping or Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping benefits apply?
Hosts pay the lowest cost shipping on each prize awarded and the final cost is determined by winners’ shipping addresses. FREE Shipping does apply if each individual prize item is eligible. Neither hosts’ nor winners’ Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping benefits apply to giveaway prizes.

13. Can participants enter more than once? How do I know that is enforced?
No, we enforce one entry per account in all cases, and one per Twitter account in cases that include the Twitter follow or Tweet requirement. At times, we may ask participants to verify other data like their mobile phone number before entering to verify their identity. We know you expect your giveaways to be fair and have designed Amazon Giveaway with that in mind. We also run our own giveaways using the same service available to you.

14. Can I change my giveaway details, edit the content, or cancel the giveaway after purchasing it?
Currently do we do not support editing a giveaway after it is created. Please review all content closely before you proceed to checkout. If you find a mistake or change your mind, you can cancel your giveaway from Your Giveaways if you have no participants at that time. Once we register the first participant other than the host’s account, the giveaway will proceed according to the terms outlined.

15. Is my giveaway prize purchase eligible for AmazonSmile?
Yes, your purchase is eligible if you start at and then select and purchase a prize that displays “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on the product detail page. Learn more about AmazonSmile.

16. What is the public setting?
Choosing this setting allows Amazon to potentially make your giveaway discoverable to other Amazon customers. You will determine this setting for each individual giveaway. You can’t change this setting once the giveaway is created.

17. Why should I make my giveaway public?
If you are interested in extending the reach of your giveaway and would like to introduce your brand or product to other Amazon customers, this is a great way to do it.

18. What makes a giveaway eligible to be made public?
An eligible item must be selected as the prize. At this time we do not support adult items, used items, refurbished items, and items in closed categories. In addition, the Giveaway type selected must be Random or Lucky Number. At this time First Come, First Serve type giveaways are not eligible. Finally, you must choose odds such that your giveaway can accommodate at least 200 participants.