Chameleon Run Free Game App

A FREE app game on iTunes will thrill the challenge-seeker inside you. It is an Editors’ Choice, which proves that it is worthy of every MB it will take from your space. This app I am telling you about is the Chameleon Run.Chameleon Run iTunes app running jumping

When playing the Chameleon Run, your goal is to switch your color to match the ground’s color while your character is running and jumping from platform to platform. You might be thinking now that it is pretty simple but, hey! It is not easy as you think!

Chameleon Run iTunes app running jumping
This Chameleon Run app game is a combination of fast-paced running, jumping and switching colors. When jumping, you can do head jump and double jump. Challenge yourself and aim for the fastest time on each level.

This game is featured with pixel perfect physics, colorful graphics, non-linear levels with 3 special objectives for each level, and can be played with two simple button controls only. Download and play this new unique running game now! Be sure not to get addicted to it!

Note: This game is FREE only on iTunes. To enjoy it on Android devices, you need to pay less than $2. The price won’t hurt you much for a very enjoyable game.

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