Free Centrum Vitamints

Centrum® VitaMints®The food we eat sometimes tends to give our mouth an unpleasant odor after eating. This can be shameful at times when we eat outside and brushing may not be an appropriate nor an easy option. This is why many people are now having mints on their pockets every time. Not just that it could save you from a bad-odor-smelling-mouth dilemma, but it also grants you a refreshing feeling and supply you the confidence to talk to others even after a smelly meal. Aside from the freshness of breath it offers, do these mints provide other benefits that can be good for our health? This might be the question circling the minds of the people behind Centrum® that made them come up with the idea of combining mint and vitamins into one product, the VitaMints®. And guess what, Centrum® wants us to try their new product for FREE! You just simply need to click this link and fill up the necessary information. Completing the form won’t take you long.

Centrum® VitaMints® has Vitamins C, D, E, & B6! It is not chalky and smooth. It does not have any aftertaste. It is chewable and can be taken any time of the day. You can consume it with or without a meal and/or water. This multivitamin supplement comes in three flavors: Cool Mint, Wintergreen, and Raspberry. The free sample comes in Cool Mint flavor. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your minty multivitamin supplement now!

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