Submit and Promote Your Giveaway

Submit and Promote Your Giveaway

Submit giveaways, sweepstakes and contests here. We’ll promote them to our large, engaged audience of giveaway entrants.

Achieve your marketing goals.

You started a giveaway or thinking about running one and you know it’s all about the results otherwise, it’s a wasted effort. You run a giveaway so you can gain more visibility to your brand, gain email subscribers, boost social media follows or increase sales. Those are the results you want and those are the results we can deliver. However, in order to accomplish any of those goals, you have to get more eyeballs on your giveaways! That’s where Freestuffbuddy come in.

Here at Freestuffbuddy, we personally worked with over 100,000 bloggers and businesses to plan, launch, market and analyze giveaways. Contact us at connect at freestuffbudd dot com with your giveaway to be considered for free inclusion.

Giveaway promotion is available for giveaways, sweepstakes and contests that follow these guidelines.
To be approved:

  • You must be holding a giveaway (a.k.a. sweepstakes) or contest.
    Your giveaway must be live upon submission.
    Your submission must be for at least one giveaway.
    It must have a specific end date, at least 3 business days but not more than 2 months away.
    Your giveaway must be unique to your site or a group giveaway that you have organized.
    Your giveaway must have no purchase required, and contain a complete set of official rules.
    Your Facebook giveaway must follow their Promotions Guidelines.

These will not be approved:

Freebies (free to all).
Giveaways you are not the host of.
Adult or illegal giveaways.
Duplicates of giveaways already listed. (already listed? upgrade it here)