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The Frog Prince Faerie Tale Collection Book 9 Kindle Edition fairy tale love story princess true marriage betrothed engageI know when you were still young, you already heard or read the story of the fairy tale “The Frog Prince.” But an author named Jenni James retold this great fairy tale and given it a new flavor.

If you are a fairy tale lover like me then, you’ll surely love this FREE eBookThe Frog Prince (Faerie Tale Collection Book 9) Kindle Edition is offered FREE by Jenni James. You can read it on Kindle free app on any device.

This eBook is a sweet twist of one of our favorite fairytales, The Frog Prince. If in the original version the prince was cursed to become a frog, in Jenni James’ version the prince asks an old herb woman to turn him into one. As we all know, most women find a frog disgusting. In this story, this has been the prince’s reason why he wanted to be transformed into a frog. He wanted to test his betrothed princess if she is someone who won’t fall only for the looks. He wanted to witness her true nature.

All in all, this version is a must-read. It is very light and will make you feel good. You’ll surely enjoy it! To download, click here.

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