Toca Store Free iTunes App

Toca Store Play Set Pretend Play Role Playing Free App Game iTunes Owner Customer StorekeeperDoes your child love to play pretend as a store owner or customer? If your answer is ‘yes’, here’s a great FREE app that you should download for your little one! Toca Store is a free app on iTunes that your kids will surely enjoy playing. Aside from the enjoyment, they’ll also get to know how to take turns, cooperate,  and negotiate. They will also learn some basic mathematical skills and resource management.

Toca Store is a Store Play Set app, but it is not a simple store play set like what you might be thinking. It has great features like being able to choose between 34 different objects that you can sell in your store, freedom to set your own prices and invite friends to your store to start shopping. It will let you try out the roles of a storekeeper and a customer. It has a kid-friendly user interface and cute animations that will guide you as you play it. There are no rules, therefore no stress. Kids can play it any way they wanted. There is no in-app purchases and third-party advertising, so a total hassle-free app game! Plus, it can be played as either single-player or multiplayer.

Sounds exciting, right? Download it now!

Note: This app is currently available on iTunes only.

Post Author: May Concepcion

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